Ralph Stanley

Brown County Jamboree - Bean Blossom, IN
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Set 1:
trk1 Dickenson County Breakdown
trk2 A Memory of Your Smile
trk3 Lost String Blues
trk4 Little Maggie
trk5 Man of Constant Sorrow
trk6 Row Hoe
trk7 Who Was That Beautiful Woman
trk8 (Ralph and Wilbur talking)
trk9 High on a Mountain ???
trk10 Memories of Mother
trk11 The Cacklin' Hen
trk12 Workin' on a Building
trk13 Let Me Walk Lord by Your Side*
trk14 Who will sing for me
trk15 Who will sing for me (cont.)
trk16 Buckin' Mule
trk17 Wild Bill Jones
trk18 Outro

*with Birch Monroe

known problems: trk9 song cut off at end of trk..., trk14 song is cut at 00:41.31.picks back up on trk15...,

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