Mac Wiseman

Sunset Park - West Grove, PA
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On same disc as 6-20-52
Set 1:
02:Love Letters In The Sand (fade out)
03:Kentucky Waltz
04:I Wonder Where The Old Folks Are At Home
05:Footprints In The Snow
06:I'll Write Your Name In The Sand
07:Going Like Wildfire
08:{Mac Introduces Buck Ryan}
09:Black Mountain Rag
10:Four Walls Around Me
11:Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
12:Listen To The Mockingbird
13:Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy
14:fiddle tune
15:I Saw Your Face In The Moon (fade out)
16:Home Sweet Home
17:The Wabash Cannonball
18:Whispering Hope
19:Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
20:Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die
21:Back Up & Push