Return to Forever

Calderone Concert Hall - Hampstead, NY
Media Type:
Chick Corea - keys
Lenny White - drums
Stanley Clarke - bass
Al Dimeola - guitars
Set 1:

1. Vulcan Worlds 19:33
2. Shadow of Lo 11:53
3. The Romantic Warrior 13:07
4. acoustic piano solo > title? 8:58
5. title? > acoustic guitar solo > 5:48
6. title? > acoustic bass solo > 9:02
7. previous solo ends / title? > drum solo (cuts off) 10:41

==>Total time: 79:02
Show Notes:
*Click between some tracks and a couple of pops/drop outs here and there. Nothing too annoying. Actually, what is annoying, is that the drum solo is cut right off at the end of track 7, probably to get this all on one 80 min disc (I have since learned that only about 2-3 minutes are missing. A two disc version circulates if you can locate it)

I turn my bass up all the way and back my treble off a bit on my stereo, the sound quality becomes an A+. This is one mutant band (;-'> !