Garcia, Leicester, and Hunter

Boar's Head Coffeehouse - San Carlos, CA
Media Type:
Aud (reel)
Set 1:
Disk 1
01. Banjo Instrumental
02. Poor Ellen Smith
03. Wildwood Flower
04. Brown's Ferry Blues
05. Jesse James
06. No One To Stand By Me
07. All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
08. Darling Corey
09. //Bolshevik In Hell (1)
Show Notes:
- Bolshevik in Hell has different hiss level and little above 4kHz while other tunes go to ~ 8kHz. This is
consistent with the comment in Deadlists that this may be from a different date

Deadlists COMMENTS
Jerry Garcia, acoustic guitar; Marshall Leicester, banjo; Robert Hunter, bass?. This performance took place at the Boar's Head Coffeehouse, located in the upstairs loft of the Carlos Bookstall.
(1) Robert Hunter acapella. This set and the 01/??/62 Burlingame set also circulate together as "Garcia, Hunter and Albin '62." It can be argued that the 'room ambience'
and recording quality of both tapes are identical; they -sound- like they were recorded at the same time.

RECORDINGS 25 A?. Audience recording, made on reel-to-reel by Rodney Albin, possibly from mics placed on stage.
Bolshevik In Hell may not be from the same date.