Oswego County Airport - Volney, NY
Media Type:
Schoeps cmbi + mk2s > AD1000 15
Set 1:
Disk One: (63:34)
Set One:
1. Punch You in the Eye
2. Farmhouse
3. Water in the Sky
4. Bathtub Gin
5. Get Back on the Train*
6. Call Me If You Need a Fool*
7. Blue and Lonesome*
8. Duo Breakdown^
9. Beauty of My Dreams*

Disk Two: (38:25)
1. Moma Dance
2. Reba
3. Chalkdust
Set 2:
Disk Three: (66:23)
Set Two:
1. Runaway Jim ->
2. Free
3. Meatstick**
4. Guyute
5. Axilla I***
6. Llama
Set 3:
Disk Four: (65:05)
Set Three:
1. My Soul
2. Piper^^ >
3. Caspian >
4. Wilson ->
5. Catapult ->
6. Smoke on the Water^^^ -> Cat Scratch Fever^^^^ ->
7. Icculus

Disk Five: (43:26)
1. Mighty Quinn
2. Fluffhead
3. Harry Hood
Show Notes:
* with the Del McCoury Band
^ one DMB member broke a string and left the stage, and a fiddle-banjo breakdown
thing ensued during his absence
** with an explanation of the record by Trey, with Sofi on stage dancing, and
with Guinnes Book of World Records staff videotaping the event for verification
yet on what the estimated attendance count was, much less a count of those dancing
though premilinary reports suggest the crowd may have exceeded 70,000, but
but that participation in the Meastick Dance was weak.
*** Axillas on this tour have been Axilla I but with the II ending; this
performance was pure I, with no II ending^^ with glowrings, and Trey on keys
^^^ Catapult was followed by a tremendous amount of banter and toying, all
continuing an E chord from the end of Wilson (which was never finished)
he said you wont find it on mtv r barnes & noble or borders or amazon
or internet ...."if you wannna find out you gotta read the fucking
book " Smoke on the Water, compared it to Cat Scratch Fever, and more.
^^^^ followed by more narration, and teases of the Stones'"Miss You" (primarily
the vocal "ooh"s)