Bruce Hornsby

EMU Ballroom, Univ. of Oregon - Eugene, OR
Media Type:
SBD > D-7
Set 1:
CD 1
1. Spider Fingers -> (Shortenin' Bread), (Hole in the Bucket)
2. White Wheeled Limousine
3. Intro -> On the Western Skyline > Masterpiece {A}
4. Across the River
5. Down the Road Tonight
6. Sugaree -> Bumble Bee -> Sugaree
7. ("Down on Broadway" Funk fill with J.V.)I Know You Rider
8. Rainbow's Cadillac
9. Dark Star Intro -> Fields of Gray
Set 2:
CD 2
1. The Tango King
2. Girl From the North Country **
Stranded on Easy Street -> {A}
Aiko Aiko {A}
3. The Show Goes On
4. The Valley Road

5. E: Cruise Control
Idol With the Golden Head
Show Notes:
() indicates tease
A - Bruce on accordion
* improvised salute to J.V. Collier
** started song on accordion, switched to piano

Beginning of Spider Fingers missing (originally mine was the 2nd deck out, the 1st deck out died instantly and I got bumped up.)
Level adjustments:
The feed from the board was 'the hottest' feed I've ever experienced, the level adjustments during the 1st 2 songs represent barely touching the recording level dial.