Grateful Dead

Cape Cod Coliseum - Yarmouth, MA
Media Type:
Set 1:
Disc 1
~~Set 1
Jack Straw
Me and My Uncle >
Big River
Brown Eyed Women
Easy to Love You
Minglewood Blues
Stagger Lee
Set 2:
Disc 2
Lost Sailor >
Saint of Circumstance >
~~Set 2
Dancin' in the Streets >
Franklin's Tower
Set 3:
Disc 3
He's Gone>
The Other One >
Drums >
Not Fade Away >
Black Peter >
Around and Around
One More Saturday Night
Show Notes:
Source notes:
Patching and CD mastering by Scott Clugston
SHN and Upload by Steve Barbella - Dec 2002
(EAC Secure w/ no errors and offsets config'd)
(shns via MKW seek enabled, shntool verified sb's were fine)

Audience recording mastered by Steve Rolfe
(Nak CM300 > Sony TC-158) supplies the following patches:
d1t01 Tuning - all
d1t02 Jack Straw - first few notes
d2t08 Minglewood - 3:20-4:09
d2t04 Dancin' - 10:29-11:09
d3t02 Other One - 5:47-7:23

Noted Flaws:
brown eyed - light snap at 2:06
dancin'- minor crackles 8:39-8:50
peter - light sizzle 0:56

Another installation of The Music Never Stopped Project.