Boone Creek

Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival - Reidsville, NC
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Ricky Skaggs (mandolin)
Terry Baucom (banjo)
Wes Golding (guitar)
Jerry Douglas (dobro)
Steve Bryant (bass)

This is the best quality BC show of those that I have. Recording comes from Friday and Saturday of the festival, which, assuming the fest was held on Labor Day Weekend as is tradition, would be September 2,3 1977.
Set 1:
1. Old Home Place
2. One Way Track
3. Sweet Georgia Brown
4. Can't You Hear Me Calling
5. No Mother or Dad
6. Little Community Church
7. Head over Heels in Love With You
8. Dixieland
9. McKinley's Gone
Set 2:
10. Intro
11. Think of What You Done
12. Freeborn Man
13. Walkin' in Jerusalem
14. One Way Track
15. I Want the Lord to Protect My Soul > Bugle Call Rag
16. Dixieland
17. Sally Gooding
Show Notes:
Tracks 1-9 day one, 10-17 day two