Hank Williams, Sr.

Mother's Best Radio Show - Nashville, TN
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From late 1950 - late 1951. 15-disc collection. See notes.
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(Not my notes - taken from db.etree):

A 15 CD collection. From late 1950 to late 1951, you could hear Hank Williams on WSM every morning at 7:15 singing and selling Mother's Best Flour. During the 15 minute show Hank and the announcer Louie Buck would pitch the flour in between Hank's songs. More info including list of all the shows and songs available at: http://home.online.no/~smpeders/ind-han5.htm http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Opry/9132/mothersbest.htm It is a shame that almost NONE of this stuff is on the officially released Complete Hank Williams (10 CD) set. There is more stuff here than there. These shows are complete with in-between song banter, instrumental numbers, and the listening 'challenge' of Audrey solos and duets with Hank. A handful of songs that are here are the only known recordings by Hank. It includes the 15 minute public service show on VD (YES venereal disease) with Hank singing and telling the story. This just has to be heard to be believed. The sound is quite good for non-commercial acetates made in the early 50's, although it varies. As expected, some pops, cracks, and static but they do not detract from the enjoyment one bit.