Chris Thile & Friends

The Brown Room at the Galt House - Louisville, KY
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DSBD>D100>Prodif Plus>Cool Edit>CD
Set 1:
01. Lorie de tu la (sp?) (Chris solo)
02. Banish Misfortune* > Song for a Young Queen (Chris solo)
03. Caprice # 1 (Chris solo)
04. Angeline the Baker > (w/Bryan Sutton)
05. Highland Rim > slow blues jam > Caravan > ? > ?swing/jazz
tune? > Angeline the Baker (w/Bryan Sutton)
06. Subterranean Homesick Blues (w/Mark Schatz on hambone)
07. banter/ Ilya Toshinsky intro
08. "Sonatin" (w/ Ilya on guitar)
09. Ode to a Butterfly (w/Jimmy Van Cleve on fiddle)
10. Fisher's Hornpipe (mando duet w/ Michelle Porter - "all of 10 years old")
11. banter
12. Whitewater (rest of show with Mark on bass, Bryan on guitar,
Ilya on banjo & Jimmy on fiddle)
* This has been recorded by many folks, from the Chieftans 30 years
ago, to Darol Anger on his Diary of a Fiddler CD from a year or so
Set 2:
01. banter
02. Ride the Wild Turkey
03. Down in the Swamp
04. Bury Me Beneath The Willow
05. Up & Around the Bend
06. ?
07. Big Sciota
08. Sweet Georgia Brown>EMD>Lochs of Dread>EMD>Sweet Georgia Brown
09. Granny White Special