Merlefest 2005

Wilkes Community College - Wilkesboro, NC
Media Type:
complete XM and various aud
XMPCR > M Audio Delta DiO 24/96 > WaveLab @ 16/44.1 > Hard Drive
Set 1:
Thursday 4-28

(8 discs audio - 5.06 GB, 3 discs flac - 1.97 GB)

Roy Book Binder and Tim O'Brien [rbb]
d1t01 ?

Bill Young Tribute (Doc and Richard Watson, R. G. Absher and Extra Measure and Dixie Dawn) [young]
Watson Stage
d1t02 Frankie and Johnny
d1t03 Intro
d1t04 Walk on Boy
d1t05 Nine Pound Hammer
d1t06 Alabama Jubilee
d1t07 Little Georgia Rose
d1t08 Can't You Hear Me Calling
d1t09 Cannonball Rag
d1t10 Goin' Up
d1t11 Sweet Temptation
d1t12 ?
d1t13 Cotton Mill Man
d1t14 Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
d1t15 Beneath Still Waters
d1t16 The Last Thing on My Mind
d1t17 Sailin' with the Master
d1t18 U. S. Postal Service presentation to Doc Watson

Pete Wernick's Jam Camp (Pete and Joan Wernick with Jam Camp participants) [wernick]
Cabin Stage
d2t01 Intro
d2t02 I've Endured
d2t03 Nobody's Darlin' but Mine
d2t04 Band Intros
d2t05 Angel Band
d2t06 Worried Man Blues

The Waybacks [waybacks]
Watson Stage
d2t07 Intro
d2t08 Been Around
d2t09 Rumba
d2t10 Turkish Stalemate
d2t11 Petrified Man
d2t12 91
d2t13 Monkey Pants
d2t14 ?
d3t01 ?

Robin and Linda Williams [williams]
Cabin Stage
d3t02 Intro
d3t03 I'm Just Glad You're Gone
d3t04 Used to Be
d3t05 I'll Twine 'Mid the Ringlets
d3t06 Old Plank Road

Uncle Earl [ue]
Watson Stage
d3t07 Intro
d3t08 Coffee's Cold
d3t09 ?
d3t10 Sugar Babe
d3t11 ?
d3t12 ?
d3t13 ?
d3t14 ?
d3t15 ?
d3t16 Winter's Come and Gone
d3t17 Julianne Johnson
d3t18 ?
d3t19 Ducks on the Millpond
d4t01 ?
d4t02 Ida Redd

Mary Flower [flower]
Cabin Stage
d4t03 Intro
d4t04 ?
d4t05 Lady Fingers
d4t06 ?
d4t07 Mystery Train

Tim O'Brien (with Casey Driesen, Brian Sutton, and Dirk Powell) [obrien]
Watson Stage
d4t08 Intro
d4t09 Turn the Page Again
d4t10 Forty-Nine Keep on Talkin'
d4t11 ?
d4t12 The High Road
d4t13 Wandering
d4t14 On the Outside Looking In
d4t15 Fiddler's Green
d4t16 Corn Bread Nation
d4t17 Like I Used to Do
d5t01 Climbing Up a Mountain

Caroline Herring, Eamon McLoughlin, Ross Martin and Bryn Bright [herring]
Cabin Stage
d5t02 Intro
d5t03 ?
d5t04 Devil Made a Mess
d5t05 Wise Woman
d5t06 Heartbreak Tonight
d5t07 Colorado Woman

Loretta Lynn [llynn]
Watson Stage
d5t08 Intro
d5t09 Love's Gonna Live Here (Bart Hansen and the Coal Miners)
d5t10 ? (The Lynns)
d5t11 Sara (The Lynns)
d5t12 Woman to Woman (The Lynns)
d5t13 Hey Loretta
d5t14 You Ain't Woman Enough
d5t15 When the Tingle Becomes a Chill
d5t16 I Wanna Be Free
d5t17 Here I Am Again
d5t18 Fist City
d5t19 Blue Kentucky Girl
d5t20 Your Squaw is on the Warpath
d5t21 Family Tree
d6t01 Honky Tonk Girl
d6t02 Man of Constant Sorrow
d6t03 Portland, Oregon
d6t04 Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (with Lovin' on Your Mind)
d6t05 Coal Miner's Daughter

Merle Tribute with Doc Watson [mt]
Watson Stage
d6t06 Intro
d6t07 ?

Darrell Scott with Casey Driesen and Luke Bulla [dscott]
Cabin Stage
d6t08 Intro
d6t09 With a Memory Like Mine
d6t10 I Still Miss Someone
d6t11 River Take Me

Wayfaring Strangers [ws]
Watson Stage
d6t12 Intro
d6t13 ?
d6t14 ?
d6t15 Columbus Stockade Blues
d6t16 Lord Search My Heart
d6t17 Don't this Road Look Rough and Rocky
d7t01 John Henry
d7t02 I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
d7t03 When You Go Walking After Midnight
d7t04 Long Gone Lonesome Blues
d7t05 I'm Working on a Building
d7t06 Heavenly Light Is Shining Over Me
d7t07 Cluck Old Hen

Jim Lauderdale [jl]
Cabin Stage
d7t08 Intro
d7t09 I Will Wait for You
d7t10 No Highway Through My Home
d7t11 Whisper
d7t12 Headed for the Hills
d7t13 It's a Trap

John Cowan Band (Noam Pikelny, Wayne Benson, Jeff Autry, Luke Bulla) [jcb]
Watson Stage
d8t01 Intro
d8t02 Carolina Rain
d8t03 Carla's Got a New Tattoo
d8t04 Six Red Birds
d8t05 Goodbye to Old Missoula
d8t06 Workin in the New Mine
d8t07 Like I Should
d8t08 ?
d8t09 Jesus Gave Me Water
d8t10 ?
d8t11 With a Memory Like Mine
d8t12 My Rose of Old Kentucky
Set 2:
Friday 4-29

(10 discs audio - 6.59 GB, 4 discs flac - 2.60 GB)

The Greencards [gc]
Americana Stage
d01t01 Intro
d01t02 ?
d01t03 ?
d01t04 Life's a Freeway
d01t05 The Ghost of Who We Were
d01t06 ?
d01t07 Sparrow's Reel
d01t08 The Man From Galilee
d01t09 ?

Happy Traum [ht]
Cabin Stage
d01t10 I'll Walk the Road Again
d01t11 Friends and Neighbors

John Jorgenson Quintet [jjq]
Watson Stage
d01t12 Intro
d01t13 Belleville
d01t14 Smoldering Ashes
d01t15 F A Swing
d01t16 Dinah
d01t17 Viper's Dream
d02t01 Snowflake Waltz
d02t02 Man of Mystery
d02t03 After You've Gone
d02t04 In Memory of Danny Gatton
d02t05 Very Spontaneous
d02t06 Ghost Dance

Gigi Dover [dover]
Cabin Stage
d02t07 Everyone Wants a Kitten
d02t08 Fortunate
d02t09 Wooden Headed Doll
d02t10 Why
d02t11 Will I Know Love

King Wilkie [wilkie]
Watson Stage
d02t12 Intro
d02t13 ?
d02t14 ?
d02t15 ?
d03t01 ?
d03t02 Darling Nellie Across the Sea
d03t03 In the Pines
d03t04 ?
d03t05 ?
d03t06 ?
d03t07 Lee and Paige
d03t08 ?
d03t09 ?
d03t10 It's Been a Long Time
d03t11 ?

Kruger Brothers [kb]
Cabin Stage
d03t12 Intro
d03t13 Carolina in the Fall
d03t14 The Old Crossroads
d03t15 Waterfall
d03t16 Nobody's Fault But Mine
d03t17 ?

Tony Rice Unit [tru]
Hillside Stage
d04t01 Intro
d04t02 My Favorite Things
d04t03 ?
d04t04 ?
d04t05 Shady Grove
d04t06 I Am a Pilgrim
d04t07 Wayfaring Stranger

Pete and Joan Wernick [wernick]
Cabin Stage
d04t08 Intro
d04t09 There Will Always be a Rocking Chair
d04t10 Spring Break
d04t11 Colorado Bound
d04t12 ?
d04t13 The Highest Place
d05t01 Rose of My Heart
d05t02 Be Proud of the Grey in Your Hair

Roy Book Binder (Roy Book Binder, Mary Flower, Corey Harris, and John Mooney) [rbb]
"Blues Showcase"
Watson Stage
d05t03 Intro
d05t04 ?
d05t05 ?
d05t06 Ragtime Gal
d05t07 ?
d05t08 ?
d05t09 ?
d05t10 ?
d05t11 ?
d05t12 Special Rider Blues
d05t13 ?
d05t14 The Sacred Ground
d05t15 ?

Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, Richard Greene, Bryn Bright and Sharon Gilcrest [rowan]
Walker Center
d05t16 Panama Red
d05t17 Hobo Song
d06t01 The Walls of Time
d06t02 Shady Grove
d06t03 You Were There for Me

Doc Watson, Richard Watson, David Beck, Jeff Little and T. Michael Coleman [doc]
Docabilly Set
Watson Stage
d06t04 Intro
d06t05 Alabama Jubilee
d06t06 Train of Love
d06t07 What am I Living For?
d06t08 Sweet Georgia Brown
d06t09 Never Felt More Like Singin' the Blues
d06t10 My Special Angel
d06t11 ?
d06t12 Deep River Blues
d06t13 Take Five
d06t14 Columbus Stockade Blues
d06t15 Milk Cow Blues
d06t16 T for Texas (Blue Yodel # 1)
d06t17 ?
d06t18 Blue Suede Shoes
d06t19 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On
d06t20 Tutti Frutti
d07t01 ?

Chris Austin Songwriters Contest Winners [songwriter]
Cabin Stage
d07t02 Intro
d07t03 Livin' in the Good Old Days (Zane Williams)
d07t04 TVA (Sam Quinn)
d07t05 Hurry Home (Zane Williams)
d07t06 That First Stone (Mike Fenders)

The Duhks [duhks]
Watson Stage
d07t07 Intro
d07t08 ?
d07t09 True Religion
d07t10 Mists of Down Below > Megan Hadens
d07t11 From the Time When I Was Young
d07t12 The Magnolia Set (with Bela Fleck)
d07t13 Dance Hall Girls > Bozeman Boogie
d07t14 Four Blue Walls
d08t01 The Green Fields of Glentown
d08t02 Death Came a Knockin'
d08t03 Love is the Seventh Wave > The Arch of Abundant Love
d08t04 ?

John Cowan, Pat Flynn and Darrell Scott [cfs]
Creekside Stage
d08t05 Highway 61 Revisited
d08t06 ?
d08t07 Bad Moon Rising
d08t08 Let's Make a Baby King > Jesus Gave Me Water > Let's Make a Baby King

Jerry Douglas Band [flux]
Watson Stage
d08t09 Intro
d08t10 ?
d08t11 ?
d09t01 ?
d09t02 Future Man
d09t03 ?
d09t04 ?
d09t05 Lil Row Row
d09t06 Pushed Too Far
d09t07 ?
d09t08 ? (with Sam Bush and Bela Fleck)
d09t09 Who's Your Uncle

Railroad Earth [rre]
Watson Stage
d09t10 Intro
d09t11 Long Way To Go
d10t01 Head
d10t02 Old Man and the Land
d10t03 Mourning Flies
d10t04 Seven Story Mountain > Waterfall > Seven Story Mountain
d10t05 Peace on Earth
d10t06 Railroad Earth
d10t07 Bird in a House
d10t08 Magic Foot
d10t09 Dandelion Wine
Set 3:
Saturday 4-30

Peter Rowan and Crucial Country
Hillside Stage

[Note: This set was broadcast on 05/19/2005]

d01t01 Intro
d01t02 Moonshiner
d01t03 ?
d01t04 Walls of Time
d01t05 Clinch Mountain Backstep
d01t06 Land of the Navajo
d01t07 Concrete Jungle
d01t08 Sunny Side of the Mountain

(10 discs audio - 7.12 GB, # discs flac - 2.83 GB)

Kruger Brothers [kb]
Watson Stage
d01t01 Intro
d01t02 Up 18 North
d01t03 Carolina in the Fall
d01t04 The Cuckoo
d01t05 Back in the High Life
d01t06 Pull That Brake
d01t07 Black Mountain Rag
d01t08 Blue Stone Mountain
d01t09 ?

David Holt
Cabin Stage
d01t10 Intro
d01t11 John Henry
d01t12 The Cuckoo
d01t13 The Johnson Boys
d01t14 Sittin' On Top of the World
d01t15 Trouble in Mind
d01t16 The Steel Guitar Rag

Darrell Scott [dscott]
Watson Stage
d02t01 Intro
d02t02 I Wish
d02t03 Ramblin' Man
d02t04 Day After Day
d02t05 Working on a Building
d02t06 You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
d02t07 With a Memory Like Mine
d02t08 Head South

King Wilkie [wilkie]
Hillside Stage
d02t09 ?
d02t10 ?
d02t11 ?
d02t12 ?
d02t13 ?
d02t14 ?
d02t15 Sparkling Brown Eyes

Balfa Toujours [bt]
Watson Stage
d02t16 Intro
d02t17 ?
d03t01 ?
d03t02 ?
d03t03 ?
d03t04 ?
d03t05 ?
d03t06 Fiddle Sticks
d03t07 ?
d03t09 ?
d03t10 ?

Del McCoury Band [del]
Watson Stage
d03t11 Travelin' Teardrop Blues
d03t12 Count Me Out
d03t13 Hillcrest Drive
d03t14 Hard On My Heart, Easy On My Eyes
d03t15 Luckiest Man Twas Born
d03t16 ?
d03t17 Nashville Cats
d03t18 Back Up and Push
d03t19 Never Grow Up Boy
d04t01 Seventh Heaven
d04t02 I Never Knew Life
d04t03 Nothing Special
d04t04 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
d04t05 It's Just the Night
d04t06 My Love Will Not Change
d04t07 Gone But Not Forgotten

John Cowan Band [jcb]
Cabin Stage
d04t08 Intro
d04t09 ?
d04t10 Beyond These Walls
d04t11 Wheel Hoss
d04t12 Dark as a Dungeon
d04t13 ?

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder [skaggs]
Watson Stage
d04t14 Intro
d04t15 Black-Eyed Suzie
d04t16 How Mountain Girls Can Love
d04t17 Your Selfish Heart
d04t18 Midnight Train
d04t19 Rawhide
d05t01 Mother's Only Sleeping
d05t02 The Simple Life
d05t03 Spread a Little Love Around
d05t04 Sis Draper
d05t05 1 Corinthians 1:18
d05t06 Sally Jo
d05t07 Uncle Pen
d05t08 Pig in a Pen
d05t09 Shady Grove

Tim and Mollie O'Brien [obrien]
Creekside Stage
d05t10 Remember Me
d05t11 Farewell Angelina
d05t12 Sweet Sunny South
d05t13 Shut the Door
d05t14 Kelly Joe's Shoes
d05t15 Lark in the Morning
d05t16 Sign Your Name
d05t17 Papa's on the Housetop
d05t18 Samson and Delilah

Nashville Bluegrass Band [nbb]
Hillside Stage
d06t01 That's All Right
d06t02 Boll Weevil
d06t03 Rockin' Chair Money
d06t04 Home Sweet Home

Bluegrass Boys Reunion (Peter Rowan, Earl Scruggs, Tony Ellis, Richard Greene, Bobby Hicks, Del McCoury, Jim Shumate, Blake Williams, Roland White, and Sharon Gilcrest) [bgb]
Watson Stage
d06t05 Intro
d06t06 The Grey Eagle
d06t07 True Life Blues
d06t08 Cheyenne
d06t09 Toy Heart
d06t10 Turkey in the Straw
d06t11 I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
d06t12 Panhandle Country
d06t13 Molly and Tenbrooks
d06t14 Heavy Traffic Ahead
d06t15 Blue Moon of Kentucky
d06t16 Wicked Path of Sin
d06t17 Sweetheart, You've Done Me Wrong
d07t01 Mule Skinner Blues

Pat Flynn [flynn]
Cabin Stage
d07t02 Intro
d07t03 Shape I'm In
d07t04 ?
d07t05 ?
d07t06 All Along the Watchtower
d07t07 Mother Lode

The Chieftains (with Jeff White, Bela Fleck, Trina Marshall, Mike Bubb, Jerry Douglas, Alison Moorer, Ricky Skaggs) [chieftains]
Watson Stage
d07t08 Intro
d07t09 ?
d07t10 Tennessee Stud >
d07t11 Cotton-Eyed Joe
d07t12 Down the Old Plank Road
d07t13 Mo Ghile Mear
d07t14 ?
d07t15 ?
d07t16 Sally Goodin
d07t17 Cindy
d07t18 ?
d08t01 ?

Merle Tribute with Doc Watson [mt]
Watson Stage
d08t02 Intro
d08t03 ?

Tim and Mollie O'Brien [obrien]
d08t04 Intro
d08t05 Your Long Journey
d08t06 Wichita
d08t07 This Heart of Mine
d08t08 Away Out on the Mountain

Sam Bush Band [sbb]
Watson Stage
d08t09 Intro
d08t10 Longer Boats
d08t11 Coming In from the Cold
d08t12 Cold Sailor
d08t13 Whisper My Name
d08t14 On the Road
d08t15 Sapporo
d09t01 Back in the Goodle Days
d09t02 Mahavishnu Mountain Boys
d09t03 One Tin Soldier
d09t04 When You Gonna Wake Up?

Peter Rowan and Richard Greene [rowan]
d09t05 Midnight Moonlight
d09t06 Pulling the Devil by the Tail
d09t07 I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love
d09t08 Little Rabbit

Rodney Crowell [crowell]
Watson Stage
d09t09 Intro
d09t10 Stars on the Water
d09t11 Earthbound
d09t12 Topsy Turvy
d09t13 Still Learning How to Fly
d09t14 Preaching to the Choir
d10t01 I Wish it Would Rain
d10t02 Wandering Boy
d10t03 Fate's Right Hand
d10t04 Making Memories of Us
d10t05 ?
d10t06 The Outsider
d10t07 Like a Rolling Stone
d10t08 I Ain't Living Long Like This

Sunday 5-01

(7 discs audio - 5.03 GB, 4 discs flac - 1.99 GB)

Doc Watson and the Nashville Bluegrass Band [doc]
Watson Stage
d01t01 Intro
d01t02 On Praying Ground
d01t03 I Am a Pilgrim
d01t04 I'll Be Rested
d01t05 Gospel Plow
d01t06 Take Me in Your Lifeboat
d01t07 Signs Following
d01t08 Farther Along
d01t09 Hush (Somebody's Calling My Name)
d01t10 Praying Ground
d01t11 Paul and Silas
d01t12 No Hiding Place

Thad Cockrell and Skip Metheny [cockrell]
Cabin Stage
d01t13 ?
d01t14 ?
d01t15 ?
d01t16 So Sad to See You Happy
d01t17 ?
d01t18 Warmth and Beauty
d01t19 ?

BR5-49 [br549]
Watson Stage
d02t01 Intro
d02t02 ?
d02t03 ?
d02t04 I'm Alright
d02t05 No Train to Memphis
d02t06 Crazy Arms
d02t07 When I Paint My Masterpeice
d02t08 ?
d02t09 Me N Opie
d02t10 ?
d02t11 ?
d02t12 Ramona
d02t13 Mule Skinner Blues

The Avett Brothers [avett]
Cabin Stage
d02t14 Intro
d02t15 ?
d02t16 Walking in Jerusalem
d02t17 Salvation Song
d02t18 November Blue

Merle Watson Tribute (with Doc Watson, Richard Watson, David Holt, T. Michael Coleman, John Cowan, Cliff Miller, Joe Smothers, and Bob Hill) [merle]
Watson Stage
d02t19 Intro
d02t20 Frosty Morn
d03t01 If I Needed You
d03t02 Some Old Day
d03t03 ?
d03t04 ?
d03t05 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
d03t06 Sadie
d03t07 Summertime
d03t08 Cannonball Blues
d03t09 You Don't Know My Mind

Scott Ainslie [ainslie]
Cabin Stage
d03t10 Intro
d03t11 ?
d03t12 Parchman Farm
d03t13 ?
d03t14 ?

The Chieftains (with Tim O'Brien, Bela Fleck, Trina Marshall, Jeff White, Mike Bubb, Buddy Miller and Allison Moorer) [chieftains]
Watson Stage
d04t01 Intro
d04t02 ?
d04t03 ?
d04t04 Tennessee Stud
d04t05 Cotton-Eyed Joe
d04t06 Down the Old Plank Road
d04t07 Mo Ghile Mear
d04t08 ?
d04t09 Shady Grove
d04t10 ?
d04t11 Country Blues
d04t12 ?
d04t13 ?

The Greencards [gc]
d04t14 Intro
d04t15 ?
d04t16 Life's a Freeway
d04t17 Movin' On
d05t01 Sparrow's Reel
d05t02 Bury Me Beneath the Willow
d05t03 ?

Buddy Miller [bmiller]
Watson Stage
d05t04 Intro
d05t05 ?
d05t06 ?
d05t07 ?
d05t08 ?
d05t09 I Got a Wide Wide River to Cross
d05t10 Worry Too Much
d05t11 Shelter Me
d05t12 That's How I Got to Memphis
d05t13 All My Tears
d05t14 Hole in My Head
d05t15 That's How Strong My Love Is
d05t16 ?

Allison Moorer [amoorer]
Cabin Stage
d06t01 Intro
d06t02 ?
d06t03 ?
d06t04 ?
d06t05 Comin' Around
d06t06 ?
d06t07 All Aboard
d06t08 ?

Alison Krauss and Union Station [akus]
d06t09 Restless
d06t10 This Sad Song
d06t11 ?
d06t12 Goodbye is All We have
d06t13 Wouldn't Be So Bad
d06t14 Rain Please Go Away
d06t15 Restless
d06t16 Bright Sunny South
d06t17 ?
d06t18 It Don't Matter Now
d06t19 Forget About It
d07t01 Gravity
d07t02 Pastures of Plenty
d07t03 Poor Old Heart
d07t04 Man of Constant Sorrow
d07t05 ?
d07t06 The Lucky One
d07t07 Baby, Now That I've Found You
d07t08 When You Say Nothing at All
d07t09 If I Didn't Know Any Better
d07t10 Oh, Atlanta
d07t11 You Will be My Ain True Love
d07t12 Down to the River to Pray
d07t13 A Living Prayer

Merle Tribute with Doc Watson [mt]
Watson Stage
d07t14 Intro
d07t15 ?
Show Notes:
Aud Sets in collection:

5-01 akus
4-30 david holt
4-30 pat flynn
4-30 skaggs
4-30 sam bush
4-30 chieftains