Charlie Parker

Rockland Palace - Harlem, NY
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Set 1:
01. Sly Mongoose
02. My Little Suede Shoes
03. Cool Blues
04. Lester Leaps In
05. Moose The Mooche
06. This Time The Dream's On Me
07. The Rocker (1)
08. The Rocker (2)
09. Just Friends
10. I'll Remember April
11. Repetition
12. East Of The Sun
13. Star Eyes
14. What Is This Thing Called Love
15. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
16. Easy To Love
17. April In Paris
18. Laura
19. The Rocker (3)
Show Notes:
tracks 1 - 6 : With Walter Bishop (piano), Mundell Lowe (guitar), Teddy Kotick (bass) and MAx Roach (drums)
tracks 7 - 19 : Add strings to the above

source: The small band tracks burn, and the crowd is right there with it "Go! Man Go!", "Ahhh.. AHHHH HA!", etc. The string tracks are a little too stale for me some of the time.. but all in all, a very great show by the master! It recorded by Chan Parker (his wife) with a tape recorder all those many years ago and has drop outs, static, uneven levels, etc, but FORGET ABOUT IT, there is no such thing as a perfect sounding live Parker show, just get into his lighting mind!