Hot Rize

Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival - Ancramdale, NY
Media Type:
Master Soundboard Cassette Sony D5m patched out of Sony DAT by Alex Wise
Set 1:
Disc 1 - Early Show (48:20)

d1t01 Intro Bill Virnon
d1t02 Hard Pressed
d1t03 Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
d1t04 "Great To Be Back At Winterhawk" Intros
d1t05 99 Years and One Dark Day
d1t06 Coleen Malone
d1t07 Martha White Theme
d1t08 Sally Goodin
d1t09 Life's Too Short
d1t10 Walk The Way The Wind Blows
d1t11 Radio Boogie
d1t12 If I Lose
d1t13 Won't You Come and Sing For Me
d1t14 The Wild Ride
d1t15 I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open//
Set 2:
Disc 2 - Late Show (66:26)

d2t01 Intro
d2t02 Blue Night
d2t03 Goin' Across the Sea
d2t04 Band Intros
d2t05 Nellie Kane
d2t06 Just Like You
d2t07 Money To Burn
d2t08 Climb The Ladder
d2t09 The Leather Britches

Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers
d2t10 Enter Trailblazers Charles Promotes the Christmas CD
d2t11 Red Speaks about The Western Style
d2t12 Goin' Steady
d2t13 On Monday
d2t14 I Know My Baby Loves Me
d2t15 Oh Mona
d2t16 Thanks Wendel Trailblazer Exit

Hot Rize:
d2t17 Sugar In The Gourd
d2t18 High On A Mountain
d2t19 Shady Grove

d2t20 I've Been All Around This World
d2t21 Outro