Peter Rowan & Friends

Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival - Ancramdale, NY
Media Type:
Master Soundboard Cassette Sony D5m patched out of Sony DAT by Alex Wise
early solo set and late jam
Set 1:
Disc 1
Early Set

Peter Rowan Solo

01. //Dustbowl Children
02. Deal with the Devil
03. Tumbleweed
04. Barefoot Country Road
05. Dream Of A Home > Harvest
06. Break My Heart Again
07. (chatter)
08. Encore: Panama Red
Set 2:
Disc 2
Late Set

Peter Rowan & Company

Round up Jam at end of Saturday Night including Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck,
Tim O'Brien, Vassar Clements, Charles Sawtelle, Barry Bales, Peter Wernick,
Bill Keith, Tony Trischka, Amanda Rowan, and more.

01. Intro
02. Last Train
03. Hobo Song
04. White Dove
05. Midnight Moonlight
06. Undying Love
07. Woman In Love
08. Free Mexican Airforce/ flip
09. (chatter)
10. On the Wings of Horses
11. (chatter)
12. Reuben's Train
13. E: Land of the Navajo

Notes: Excellent jamming and playing off each other in an all star jam.
Check out midnight moonlight when Vassar and Alison Krauss trade fiddle licks.