Del McCoury Band

Holiday Trav-L Park - Virginia Beach, VA
Media Type:
senn 441 > sony D-5 (w/ dolby B)
Set 1:
01. Wondering Where the Years of My Life Have Gone
02. Blue Piece of Paper
03. Train 45
04. I Can't Get You Off of My Mind
05. This kind of Life
06. Lee Highway Blues
07. I'm Knee Deep in the Blues...
08. Houston Ain't No Place
09. Eli Renfro
10. Fannie Hill
11. Lights Coming Ove the Hill are Blinding Me
12. Speak to Me Little Darlin'
13 Bluest Man in Town
14. WhiteHouse Blues
Set 2:
Late Set:
[after a long delay, we removed plastic and set up closer, about 25' from stage/PA]

01. preamble / intro
02. What we had is over
03. Rain and Snow
04. Are you Teasin' Me
05. Over Yonder in the Graveyard
06. Good Man Like Me
07. John Hardy (Instr.)
08. Highway of Pain
09. I Know His Voice
10. Lonliness and Desparation
11. Encore: Rawhide

(Del played the only night set, all other sets were cancelled)