Hank Williams, Sr.

WSFA Transcriptions - Montgomery, AL
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Earliest known recordings of Hank around the age of 19, possibly from WSFA studios in Montgomery, AL ca. 1942
Set 1:
01. I'm Not Coming Home Anymore
02. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
03. Radio Spot
04. The Last Letter
05. Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair #?
06. I Was Seeing Nellie Home
07. I'll Never Cry Over You
08. Little Rosewood Casket (instrumental)
09. Old Shep #?
10. Happy Rovin Cowboy #?
11. Lonesome Valley
Show Notes:
These like the radio shows on the "Complete" Hank Williams Box set, arent the best quality. Lots of scratches, jumps, clicks and pops, but under it all is the magic of Hank Williams. All these are unreleased and there appears to be more by looking at