Earl Scruggs and Arthur Smith

Unknown - ??, ??
Media Type:
Recording of a jam session with Earl and Arthur -- "Recorded at One of Their Homes"
Set 1:
01. Introduction by unknown gentleman
02. ?
03. Blackberry Blossom
04. Love Letters in the Sand
05. Little Darling
06. The Girl I Love Donít Pay Me No Mind
07. Fiddlerís Dream
08. Tennessee Wagoner
09. (x) Hickory Leaf
10. Old Bill Cheatham
11. Dusty Miller
12. Cumberland Gap
13. Turkey in the Straw
14. ?
15. Uncle Joe
16. ?
17. Chicken Reel
18. Ragtime Annie
19. Listen to the Mockingbird
20. (x) Sally Goodiní
21. (x) Dixie Stomp
22. You Are Always on My Mind
23. (x) Sugar Creek Stomp
24. Smithís Rag
25. (x) Freight Train Moan
26. Dixon County Breakdown
27. (Untitled)
28. Red Apple Rag
29. Chatter > Cheatham County Breakdown #1
30. Cheatham County Breakdown #2
31. Old Joe
32. Billy in the Lowground
33. New Money
34. Crossroads
35. Ainít Gonna Rain No More
36. Whistling Rufus (x)
37. "That's All, Folks!"
Show Notes:
Quality is quite clear for an old recording and a likely inexpensive tape deck.
The original tape was apparently edited by an unknown gentleman at a later date, who gave a brief introduction to the recording, and introduced song titles throughout. Apparently, he realized and appreciated the historical nature of the tape and did us all a great service by sharing his comments with us.
Imported broadcast WAVs into Audition:
- Normalized to -0.5 dB
- EQ: Low-pass @ 16k to reduce hiss
- removed ~2.02 second gaps between each track
- cut audio saying "these recordings were recorded in 1957", originally stuck in the middle of track 19, placed it at the beginning of the recording with other introductory material.
- removed a number of pops and fixed a number of very short dropouts (which came out as a click). Didn't remove all the pops.
- removed some redundant material present elsewhere on the recording
- some minor track damage is audible on the last 4 songs or so, this sounds like it was likely introduced at some point after initial digitization.