Jim & Jesse

OOP Starday, Kentucky & Capitol Records Sinlges - Unknown, Unknown
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Out of print bluegrass (vinyl) singles compilation.
Set 1:
Starday Records (with Vassar Clements, Bobby Thompson & Don McHan - 1958)
1. I'll Love Nobody But You
2. Pardon Me
3. Have You Lost Your Love
4. Hard Hearted
5. Let Me Whisper
6. Changing The words To My Love Song
7. Border Ride
8. Destination In Glory
9. Let Me Walk With Thee
10. Let The Spirit Descend
11. Press On
12. Pilgrim Kneel By The Altar
13. You Can't Love Jesus More Than Me

Kentucky Records (as the Virginia Trio, with Larry Roll & Dave Woolum - 1951)
14. Let Me Travel Alone
15. Camping In Canaan's Land
16. On The Jericho Road
17. I Like The Old Time Way
18. I'll Be Listening

Capitol Records (with Tommy Jackson, Curley Seckler & Sonny Loden - 1952-53)
19. Air Mail Special
20. Are You Missing Me?
21. Virginia Waltz
22. Is It True
23. Are You Lost In Sin?
24. Waiting For A Message
25. My Darling In Heaven
26. I Will Always Be Waiting For You
27. I'll See You Tonight
28. Look For Me (I'll Be There)
Show Notes:
Out of print bluegrass (vinyl) singles compilation.