John Hartford

Nashua Center for the Arts - Nashua, NH
Media Type:
FM > Nakamichi BX-100 using Maxell MX-90 tapes
830 MB; Great sound and show.
Set 1:
1. ...Fiddle Tune
2. Learning To Smile
3. Bo WEVO Station Break
4. Gentle On My Mind
5. The Julia Belle Swain
6. Introductions
7. My Rag
8. In Tall Buildings
9. Fiddle Tune
10. Long Hot Summer Days
11. Annual Waltz
12. The Mississippi Queen
13. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Set 2:
1. Mississippi Valley
2. Back On The Air
3. Ain't It Long Gone
4. Here I Am In Love Again
5. Good Old Electric Washing Machine
6. The Six O'Clock Train And The Girl With Green Eyes
7. Fiddle Tune
8. All In My Love For You
9. You Tax Dollars At Work
10. Where Does An Old Time River Man Go
11. No End Of Love
12. Pie On The Window Sill
13. Orange Blossom Special
14. All I Got Is Gone Away
15. John's Square Dance
16. Tennessee Waltz
17. Piece Of My Heart
18. Banjo Tune
Show Notes:
WEVO-FM broadcast