John Hartford

Asheville - Asheville, NC
Media Type:
555 MB
Set 1:
The Girl I Left Behind Me (banjo)
Takin' Me Back To My Mississippi River Home (banjo)
Fiddle Tune ?>
Billy in the Lowground (fiddle)
Hounddog (fiddle)
Back in the Good Old Days (fiddle)
Silvertone Guitar Blues (guitar)
In Tall Buildings (guitar)
Gentle on My Mind (banjo)
John Henry is Dead and Gone (banjo)
Can't Stand to Throw Anything Away (fiddle)
When They Hear Mother Praying So Loud in Her Sleep (banjo)
*Forked Deer> (fiddle & *banjo)
*Mouth Jam> (mouth & *banjo)
*Forked Deer (fiddle & *banjo)

Set 2:
Up on the Hill (banjo)
Here I am in Love Again (banjo)
Bring Your Clothes Back Home (fiddle)
The Golden Eagle Hornpipe> (fiddle)
Natchez Under the Hill> (fiddle)
I Love A Little Girl With Hair Down Behind (fiddle)
On a Long Hot Summer Day (fiddle)
Don't Leave Your Records in the Sun (banjo)
Banjo Tune ?
How It Happened > (guitar)
Presbyterian Guitar (guitar)
Going Back to Dixie (banjo)
Deep River Blues (banjo)
Vamp in the Middle (fiddle)
*Bonapart's Retreat (fiddle & *banjo)
*Square Dance Call (fiddle & *banjo)
*Tennessee/Asheville Waltz (fiddle & *banjo)

Show Notes:
* with David Holt on gutstring banjo