John Hartford

The Station Inn - Nashville, TN
Media Type:
816 MB
Set 1:
Unknown Fiddle Tune, Bring Your Clothes Back Home, Gentle On My Mind, Goin' Back To Dixie > Gum Tree Canoe, Unknown Fiddle Tune,: Storms On The Ocean?, I'm Still Here, Unknown Fiddle Tune, Cross-Eyed Child, Old Joe Clark Frasier Moss, Boogie
Set 2:
Heart To Go?, Unknown Fiddle Tune > Turn Your Radio On, Love Grown Cold, Dixie Darling, Don't Need Work, Unknown Fiddle Tune, Steam-Powered Aeroplane, The Rest Is Up To You, Float To The Floor?, Annual Waltz, Chicken Reels?*, Cabbage Patch?*, Lorena, Unknown Fiddle Tune, Six White Horses, Unknown Fiddle Tune
Set 3:
Let Him Go Momma?, Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Show Notes:
*Frasier Moss; soundcheck may circulate with show