Great Western Forum - Inglewood, CA
Media Type:
Schoeps MK4V/CMC6>Lunatec V3@16/44.1>S/PDIF
897 MB; Schoeps; Jamie Lutch recording
Set 1:
My Sweet One, Cover of the Rolling Stone*, Chalk Dust Torture, Fee -> Taste**, Bathtub Gin^, Heavy Things, Golgi Apparatus
Set 2:
Possum, Walls of the Cave -> Carini, All of These Dreams, Limb by Limb^^, Oh Kee Pah Ceremony > AC/DC Bag^^^, Prince Caspian, Encore: Loving Cup
Show Notes:
* written by Shel Silverstein, originally performed by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show; first Time Played, and because Phish was on the cover of the current issue

** with 'What's the Use' teases by Trey

^ with 'Woman From Tokyo' (Deep Purple) riffs by Trey

^^ with delay loops

^^^ during the end of the last verse, someone got on stage (from stage right), grabbed Trey's mic, and was only able to shout "Missy, I Love You! Happy Valentine..." before being dragged off stage